Make 2024 your year of tiles!




Craftsman Encaustic cement tiles are made by mixing the highest grades of sand, cement, stone and marble and are handmade to create a unique warmth. These tiles are left to naturally air dry, allowing tehm to fully develop their rich colours and unique tone variations. This encaustic range brings timeless elegance and character to your home serving as both a practical and decorative element in your designs. Whether used to tile floors, walls, backsplashes or pathways, these tiles will effortlessly elevate the aesthetic of your indoor or outdoor spaces creating a unique and tradtitional look whilst also keeping up with modern trends. This range uses a modern and bright interpretation to traditional designs to create a versatile look with charm and style making them a popular choice for adding a touch of artistry to your home. 

As encaustic tiles are not glazed or fired, it is recommended that these tiles are proctected during laying and grouting and that they are sealed after installation to ensure tile protection, stain resistence and maintenance. 

SIZE: 175x200 Hexagon | Size may vary a possible ± 2mm

FINISH: Matt | Natural-feel finish | Colours are subject to variation between pieces and batches

PACKING INFO: 12pcs | 0.32m2 PER BOX

APPLICATION SUGGESTIONS: These tiles can be used on both floors and walls for a wide variety of applications. 


Also available in Hexa Pine




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