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French Pattern

The French pattern tile pack consists of 6 pieces that construct the French pattern when laid. French Pattern is an elegant interlocking pattern that originated from the 18th century French classic stone flooring. The French pattern tiles create the essential style of European traditions in the modern home.

French pattern tiles, feature a specific layout and arrangement of different-sized tiles to create a timeless and elegant look in various indoor and outdoor spaces. The arrangement of different-sized tiles adds depth, visual interest, and a touch of European charm to the overall design. The unique characteristic of French pattern tiles lies in their arrangement. The tiles are laid out in a repeating pattern, alternating between the different sizes. This creates a random and visually interesting layout that resembles a puzzle or mosaic. French pattern tiles offer various pattern variations. The most common pattern is a repeating arrangement of the four tile sizes, resulting in a geometric design. The tiles are available in a wide range of colours and materials, the colour and material choices can influence the overall aesthetic, from earthy tones to more vibrant or neutral options. The grout lines can be chosen to match or contrast with the tile colours, influencing the overall appearance. Typically, the grout lines are narrower to emphasize the pattern and create a seamless look.

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