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Cobblestone / Crazy Pave

Cobblestone and crazy paving are two distinct styles of paving commonly used in outdoor areas such as driveways, walkways, patios, and courtyards. Cobblestone paving creates a rustic and traditional look. Crazy paving creates a more eclectic and artistic look compared to the uniformity of cobblestones.

Cobblestone and crazy paving are two distinct types of paving techniques, each with its own unique appearance for outdoor surfaces. Cobblestone refers to small, rounded stones that are used for paving paths, or driveways. These stones are made from natural materials, and they are irregular in shape and size. When laid, cobblestones form a tightly fitted surface with minimal gaps between stones. The irregularity of cobblestone patterns adds a charming, and rustic aesthetic to outdoor spaces. Crazy paving is a paving technique that involves using irregularly shaped stones of various sizes to create a more random and artistic pattern. Crazy paving embraces asymmetry and a "crazy" arrangement of stones. This method allows for more creativity and flexibility in design, with stones placed in an irregular, jigsaw-like pattern.

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